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2017 Santana 20 Class Championship Regatta on Lake Dillon - downwind, tame breeze

The 2020 Santana 20 Class Championship Regatta (Nationals)

will be held at the Aspen Yacht Club on Ruedi Reservoir on July 15-19. Info on

Videos of the 2017 CCR on Dillon
are now available on YouTube:
Video clips and coaching by Andrew Kerr of the Monday practice race: YouTube
Video by Colorado Coconuts of most of the week, including the Dillon Open and the Class Championship Regatta: YouTube

2020 Fleet 28 Tour Notice

The 2020 S20F28 Tour Championship will consist of results from 5 regattas: DSA Shootout Regatta, Carter Lake Open, S20 Class Championship Regatta/Aspen Open, Dillon Open, and DSA Fall Regatta. Scoring will be on each boat's best 3 results. Ties will be broken by comparing head to head results, if any, number of events sailed, and then RRS tie breaking. Scores from Nationals or PHRF racing will be position amongst Fleet 28 members sailing that event.

Ten boats raced in at least one regatta of the 2019 S20F28 Tour Championship. Five actually pulled their boats and travelled to another lake...

Helm Boat Sail Number Carter Aspen CCR
Colo Gov Cup Events Points Place
Jeff Lampe Skippy 917 1 1 1 ( 1 ) 4 3 1
Geoff Zaun SpacePipe 692 2 2 ( 11 ) 4 3 8 2
Ray McCleery Gherkin 786 3 3 ( 3 ) 2 4 8 3
Mike McKeever Feisty! 713 4 ( 4 ) 2 3 4 9 4
Nathan Feldman 920 7 11 ( 11 ) 7 2 25 5
Erik Nakos 138 5 11 11 ( 11 ) 1 27 6T
Steve Barney Fight On ! 783 11 11 ( 11 ) 5 1 27 6T
Dan Griggs Mj÷lnir 642 6 11 11 ( 11 ) 1 28 8T
Fred Wolf On Y Va 679 11 11 ( 11 ) 6 1 28 8T
Bob Gesumaria Outrageous 613 8 11 11 ( 11 ) 1 30 10
* These are "positions amongst Fleet 28 members sailing the event" per the tour notice (above)

If you're NOT going to sail it ...

There is a small but constant amount of interest from folks in Colorado who would like to buy a Santana 20 locally. If you have one that you'd like to sell, email the particulars to the webmaster and I'll post it ASAP !

2020 Calendar

Grey = rumored thru tentative (listed on SAIL website or elsewhere), Black = verified (listed on event's and/or Organizing Authority's website), Highlighted = S20s fleeted last year.
Numbers after venues are coordinates (paste into Google Earth) and altitude of club/site and driving time from I-70 & I-25 in Denver (according to Google Maps).
Events preceded by "F28" are part of the Fleet 28 Championship Tour.
  F28  5/16-17DSA Mile High Shootout and Hornblower RegattaCherry Creek Res., CO(39.641092░, -104.870691░, 5560ft,  0:23)
  F28  6/6-7CLSC Carter OpenCarter Lake, CO(40.352857░, -105.222137░, 5770ft,  1:11)
  F28  7/15-19S20F28 Santana 20 Class Championship RegattaRuedi Res., CO(39.369677░, -106.789680░, 7800ft,  3:58)
  F28  8/1-2DYC Dillon OpenLake Dillon, CO(39.625733░, -106.043113░, 9033ft,   1:25) - conflicted with CCR last year
  F28  9/19-20DSA Fall RegattaCherry Creek Res., CO(39.641092░, -104.870691░, 5560ft,  0:23)

2020 Cherry Creek series

The Denver Sailing Association holds six series on Cherry Creek each summer. All are open to Santana 20s with the caveat that races run prior to paying DSA dues for the year will not count toward trophies and Santana 20s sailing in the 2 dinghy series may only use main and jib (no spinnaker, no genoa). (If you're counting, that's 50 days of racing, not counting regattas)
Thawout Series5 Saturdays: 4/4-5/2First Flag: 1:00 pm
Spring Keelboat Series10 Wednesdays: 5/6-7/8First Flag: 6:20 pm
Spring Dinghy Series10 Thursdays: 5/7-7/9First Flag: 6:20 pm
Summer Keelboat Series10 Wednesdays: 7/15-9/16First Flag: 6:20 pm
Summer Dinghy Series10 Thursdays: 7/16-9/17First Flag: 6:20 pm
Frostbite Series5 Saturdays: 9/26-10/24First Flag: 1:00 pm

For more information, please see the DSA site.

I always include one or two glaring errors on this page to keep you all on your toes. When you find one (or more) let me know and I'll fix it (or them). Please double-check EVERY event on that event's or organizer's website BEFORE packing up the boat, family, dog and mother-in-law...

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